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Class 2

Term 1 – As part of our ‘What would a world without darkness be like?’, we looked at Inuit culture. As part of this, we made the traditional Inuit food of bannock bread and then tasted it! Yum!

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Term 2 – We became potion masters!

When looking at measuring liquids, we measured out ingredients for a variety of different potions. Fairy tears, dragons blood and frog’s breath were but a few of the ingredients. We looked at how much mixture we could make, how much of each ingredient we needed and if adding too much of something changed the colour.

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As part of our Stone Age Topic, we had a very exciting trip to Kent Life for a Stone Age day. We met a cave man, drew cave paintings, learned about trading in the Stone Age and even had the change to grind our own bread! We had a fab day!

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We also became archaeologists and looked at Stone Age artefacts. Where did they come from? How old are they? What were they used for?

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Term 3 and 4 - We have been very busy, focusing on the question of ‘What Makes Britain Great?’

This has been quite a historical based but busy and interesting term.

We particularly liked looking at the Roman army – what made them such a powerful force?
We made Roman shields and used them when we became our own Roman army! Could we keep up with the harsh training and marching regime of the Roman army? Just about!
We looked at what made a good Roman solider and decided whether or not we would have liked to have been in the army. We all agreed that we wouldn’t want to!

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As part of looking at fractions, we created our own ‘Fraction Museum’, making fractions out of everyday items and displaying them to each other.

Literacy – Chat show hosts for the Lighthouse keeper story.

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