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Class 3

Term 4: Could you live without a dinosaur and then Britain’s got writing talent

Village walk to explore if a dinosaur really could live in Preston. Also visited St Mildreds Church to see all the special things inside.

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Term 3: Could a dinosaur live in our village?

Visit to the Natural History Museum to explore the dinosaurs

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Term 2: Special times:

Stained glass effect using tissue paper to make a colourful Hanukkah candle

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Term 1: Who’s your hero?

Learnt a running stitch to sew our own design for a finger puppet super hero.

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Forest School:

Exploring Forest and wildlife, making dens and habitats for animals, using palm drills to make holes in log slices for a badge, medal, necklace, using fire striker to make a spark for fire to use in Kelly kettles where we boiled water for some hot chocolate

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