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Class 4

Term 4: Could we live without a supermarket?

This term is going to be just as busy and exciting!  Our new topic is called ‘Could we live without a supermarket?’  So far we have planted some lettuce seeds and the children have also enjoyed vegetable printing.

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We recently had a visit from Japanese students who taught the children how to write their name in Japanese. We also played some games and made crafts which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

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Term 3: Where's the Treasure

Class 4 have had a busy start to the year!! The children really enjoyed our Pirate topic ‘Where’s the Treasure?’ and had lots of fun on pirate day with Captain Raggy Beard! We followed the fairy dust to find the treasure, walked the plank and the children were each given a real mermaid tear!!!

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We loved participating in Science Week where the children enjoyed making their own ice cream using dry ice. We also had some rather interesting visitors from Zoolab, including a Python snake, a very large tortoise and some furry ferrets!

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Finally…the children raised money for the British Heart Foundation by making their very own heart on a canvas!

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