Business sector and name

Science and Design Technology


Learning by Exploring

Children are fascinated about the world around them. In science we strive to stimulate this natural curiosity.

Employing a hands-on approach we teach a wide variety of topics covering every subject - from solids and liquids - electricity - to how the ear works. We want to ensure children not only
learn to ask questions but confidently look for answers.

  • Planning and carrying out investigations
  • Learning to use scientific apparatus and drawing conclusions from results

Design Technology

Vision of Excellence

Now is the perfect opportunity to be an inventor, designer or manufacturer!
Design Technology (DT) is a fun yet educational way for children to cast
a critical gaze over everyday items, unleashing creativity and innovation in the process.

  • Learning about the vital role design plays in everyday life
  • Making valued judgements and suggesting improvements
  • Encouraging children to use their imagination to create new ideas
  • Real-life materials and tools to aid understanding and productivity