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Sep 15, 2017

Newsletter - 15th September 2017

Dear Parents, Welcome back to another exciting school year at Preston Primary. I must say a huge thank you from all the staff and myself for our lovely gifts at the end of the term. They were very much appreciated by everyone. Thank you to all the parents who returned their WOW stars at the end of term. The comments were overwhelming positive from both parents and children. A warm welcome to all the lovely Reception children and their families to Preston. I am sure your child’s first year will be an exciting one full of learning, fun and experiences to treasure. Also we welcome several new families across the school. The children have settled well into their new classes and all look smart in their new school uniforms. A reminder that children should have black school shoes as part of their uniform and not trainers. You will also receive the new calendar of dates for the year and the school term dates with our confirmed 2 week break in May/June 2018. Please be aware that although we try to stick to these dates as much as possible changes may occur due to circumstances out of our control. If this does happen, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible. It is so important for your children to be at school, as they will be missing valuable learning time and all the fabulous things we do within the curriculum. Punctuality is also important, this year we will be monitoring lateness. The school day starts at 8:50 am any child arriving after the register is taken will be classed as late. The school gate will close at 8:55am. Please be reminded the school gate is open at 8:40am and the children go into school at 8:45am. Another request is that dental appointments, unless an emergency, should be either in the school holidays or outside of the school day. As it is the start of the new school year, I will give you a timely reminder about parking. Please be aware you are not permitted to park on any zig-zag lines outside the school and also be mindful of how you park your car within the car park. Parents are requested to not park directly in front of the school wall at any time as this is for staff parking. To minimise pollution in the playground we would ask that you do not leave your car engine running whilst parked. In addition, you are also reminded about parking on the village hall side. It will continue to be a busy time but I just remind you to be aware of children’s safety primarily. Music lessons continue to be provided by Rosie Cullen who teaches piano, trumpet, tenor horn, violin and recorder. She informs us that she has some vacancies. If your child is interested playing one of the above instruments please leave your details with Mrs Taylor. The cost for a twenty-minute session is £11.50. Dan our other music teacher unfortunately is unable to provide tuition this year. We are currently seeking alternative tutor for drums and guitar and hope to have some details very soon. I am certainly pleased to be back and looking forward to the new challenges that face us at Preston. We will strive to make your child’s year a happy and successful one. If at any time you have any concerns however small they may seem please do not hesitate to talk to myself or a member of staff about it. Once again thank you for your continued support without this our school would not be a wonderful as it is. Kind Regards Mrs H Clements