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Welcome to Kestrel Class!


As part of our topic: ‘What would feel like to be in space?’ we have been investigating gravity and air-resistance. To do this the children created their own experiments. They were given a collection of basic objects and asked to create 3 different parachutes. Using their developing design and technology skills, they explore the different materials, created 3 different designs, created their designs and then tested them. Once they had tested their designs they evaluated how successful each product was, then finally made improvements.


Once they had created three different parachutes, each group devised a way to work out which one of the three performed the ‘best’.


Each group created their own scientific enquiry, making sure that their experiments were repeatable. To do this they made sure everything stayed the same for each experiment apart from one thing, the variable (the different parachutes. They then recorded their results and then drew aa conclusion from their results.


Well done Kestrel Class!



Today Kestrels had a fantastic day of space exploration!


We were lucky enough to have two presentations from two fantastic astronomers from the Greenwich observatory. We learnt all about the moon and its relationship with the Earth and then a planetarium display that drew some amazing questions, I think we really challenged the astronomers.


The children were brilliant, so engaged and full of productive discussion.


Seeing as we were sat in front of a screen, it felt silly to take pictures but I have attached links so you can see what the children experienced! It was fantastic!


So lovely to hear the children loved the day smiley

I just wanted to let you know how excited Thomas was when he came out of school this afternoon.  He absolutely loves science and (at the moment), his favourite subject is space, he just loves it and one of his favourite books is about the universe.

He was absolutely full of it the entire journey home and this has furthered his love of the subject to the point where he already wants to go on to study it further.

Thank you so much

Mark Huttley