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Penguin Class

Welcome to Penguin Class!


The children shared their geographical skills when drawing a world map on the playground. Demonstrating their knowledge about the equator, continents and the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.




Penguin class have learnt all about how to create light in paintings with the help of one of our parents and local artist Mr Mason. The children were shown step by step how to create a picture, looking carefully at shading and colour tones to create the light. The masterclass has come at the end of the unit of work as the children have been studying these techniques in school. They have been looking the painting The Calling of St Matthew by Caravaggio that uses particular painting techniques to capture light. The children had a fabulous day as you can see from the photographs below.

Term 2

The children's learning has been bought to life this term by them being transported back in time to the stone age. The children spent the day in the forest building shelters, foraging for food, hunting wild animals, making stone age weapons and enjoying a stew. I wonder if any of them fancy being a stone age child?


In history the children have been looking at the Anglo- Saxons and everyday life. As part of their art studies they have been looking at jewellery and have designed and produced their own.

Thank you Sir 'Captain' Tom Moore


In science, Penguin class have been busy investigating magnets and magnetic force! We looked at how magnets are made. We then recognised that magnets have two poles – a North and South. We investigated what happened what we put two of the opposite poles together and two of the same poles together – they attracted and repelled! We investigated magnetic objects and which materials the magnet attracted and which it didn’t.

In history the children have been learning about the 'Vicious Vikings'. We learnt that the Vikings were great world travellers and traders. We decided to try and be like a Viking trader. First we looked at the Viking trade routes and the countries they visited. This included England and the far East. We then created our merchandise to sell(jewellery, wood, tin, wheat, honey, furs and spices) along with 10 silver coins. We then became groups of Viking merchants and went on journeys to trade.