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                                                                        Term 2

We have been very busy, working hard in Hummingbird class. We have really enjoyed our topic, ‘Are all villages the same?’ using some great texts to immerse ourselves in our learning. We wrote some wonderful diary entries taking inspiration from the story ‘Lila and the secret of the rain’ and then were very creative when making and packing a suitcase for Sunny the Meerkat after reading ‘Meerkat Mail’ ready for his next adventure. We made sure he had everything he would need from sun cream  to ham sandwiches before taking off in our very own virtual plane, landing in Kenya in minutes! After exploring all of the wonderful sights, we then wrote postcards from Sunny detailing his latest destination before writing our own letters to him trying to convince him to fly over to Preston for his next holiday (if you see a meerkat wondering around our village then you’ll know our letters worked!)

We have also been looking closely at traditional African patterns and implementing these on our own designs to make a piece of African bead jewellery. The children painted their patterns then decorated them by threading beads for some extra detail. We think they look great. We then used our understanding of patterns to design and make some traditional African instruments using recycled materials. The children were very creative and resourceful throughout. They then used them to play along to the song Jambo Bwana.

Finally we can’t forget the wonderful nativity the children have been working so hard to learn.  The children did such a fantastic performance, we are all so proud of each and every one of you, well done!

The children were lucky enough to learn how to look after their pet if it became unwell. The took part in pet first aid.
                                                                       Term 1


The children created their own Supertata character and have used him in their writing journey.

Watch out evil Mr Pea!

Spot the superhero!