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Covid Catch-up Premium

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Catch-up Premium


As part of the response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Government has introduced a catch-up premium grant for schools. Further information about this grant can be found by following the link below:

Since schools were able to open to more pupils in June 2020 and open fully in September 2020, we have implemented a number of measures to support children to return to education and to meet their personal, pastoral and academic needs. 

  • Pupils in reception, year 1 and those who were deemed particularly vulnerable were welcomed back to school alongside the children of key workers in June 2020
  • For the first 2 weeks of term in September, children returned to their previous teacher. This enabled a smooth transition back into school as children were returning to a familiar environment. The teacher’s existing knowledge of their pupils, enabled them to make a swift assessment of any gaps in learning that had developed. Teachers were able to begin to take immediate action to address these. 
  • Teachers are fully aware of the importance of high quality first teaching in the classroom to effectively meet the needs of children and support them to close any gaps they may have in their learning. We have prioritised supporting children with their reading comprehension, phonic/spelling and maths skills and restoring their independence whilst also ensuring children access a full, broad and enriched curriculum. 
  • Towards the end of the second week of term, a transition day was held in order for the school to support and address any concerns children had about moving into a new class with new adults and new routines. As a result of this, children have made a smooth transition to their new classes.
  • In week 3 of term 1, all children were assessed using assessments appropriate to their year group. The results of this assessment, together with the knowledge of the previous teacher has enabled us to identify which children are currently not on track to achieve as well as they were predicted to when school closed in March 2020. For some pupils, we believe that time in school with high quality learning experiences will support them to make rapid progress and close the gap that developed during the period of school closure. This is particularly relevant to writing. We have decided to use the Coronavirus Catch-Up Premium to provide additional support to some children. Staff already employed by the school are delivering these booster sessions as they know the children well and are best placed to assess the impact of the sessions. Pupils in KS1 access their booster sessions during the school day whilst those in KS2 are invited to attend sessions after school. Sessions are targeted to meet the identified needs of the pupils attending.  This may include phonics, reading or maths. Some additional resources have been purchased to strengthen the quality of the teaching of reading and phonics. For some children with specific needs a more bespoke, targeted intervention has been put in place using the assess, plan, do approach.  Alongside the informal assessment undertaken by the teacher during each booster session, the formal assessments undertaken at the start of term will be repeated to determine the progress each child is making, to evaluate the effectiveness of the sessions and to inform future planning.