Preston Primary School

Learning together, we grow kind hearts and healthy minds


Our Curriculum 

At Preston and Wingham Primary Schools federation we are all learners together. We believe that children should have the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become life-long learners.

We strive to provide a curriculum for our children that is ‘rich and memorable’.  Through a rich and creative approach to the national curriculum, key texts that have been carefully curated, we deepen understanding and encourage mastery. We facilitate opportunities for children to learn and remember things; to gain and build essential knowledge and skills through a wealth of interconnected themes that can be applied to all aspects of life in, and beyond, the primary classroom. Topics are carefully chosen to enthuse and engage learners, develop a secure understanding and build a range of transferable skills. 

At the heart of our curriculum is a commitment to nurture a love of reading as this opens the door to all learning; books form the foundations of topics and all pupils are encouraged to read widely, developing an extensive vocabulary, sound comprehension skills and a voracious appetite for books. 

At Preston and Wingham Primary Schools federation we promote, celebrate and nurture children's abilities to make choices with their learning. We understand that children have strengths in many areas and these are encouraged and explored. This belief continues into our assessment of foundation subjects. Our unique way of assessment is called FLOURISHClick on the hyperlink or see the star below for more details.

Our aim is simple: to enable children to become life-long learners who respect universal human values, are internationally and culturally minded and who have an acute awareness of themselves, their community and the ever-changing world around them. 

Curriculum Intent

How it all fits together