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Remote Learning

Useful links and Information


The links below maybe useful to your family at this time.

The use of games consoles to access TEAMS

We have been hearing that if your child has a PS4 or XBOX they may be able to access TEAMS via this device. This might make it easier for families sharing devices at home. We are not absolutely certain if this will work and obviously it is still reliant on your internet connections and availability. However it may be worth a try. 


1. Turn on PS4

2. Use your controller to scroll to the far right of the bar with games to' Library'

3. Select 'Library' application

4. Within the library use the search bar to type in Internet

5.Select Internet Browser app

6. Start Internet Browser and press the triangle button on the controller to search

7. Once on the internet, type in the search box TEAMS sign in

8. Select sign in and login as normal



1. Go to Home Menu

2. Select My Games and Apps

3. Scroll down to Apps

4. Go to Microsoft Edge application

5. Type in search for TEAMS sign in

6. Select TEAMS sign in and login as normal


Please note this may not work as mentioned before! However if it does work you can connect a keyboard to the console.





Dear Parent,

During these difficult times our aim is to ensure that children are still able to access and engage in a meaningful education should they be required to self-isolate by the NHS track & trace programme or due to them receiving a positive Covid-19 test result, or in the event of a full or partial school closure. We may also provide remote learning for children who are waiting for a prolonged period of time for the result of a Covid-19 test.

Children will be able to engage in their school work virtually through Microsoft Teams. You will need to either download Teams or use the Web App (both available at You can use Office 365 Microsoft Teams on a Windows PC, an Apple device and Android devices. You will receive login details for your child. These are personal to each child and should not be shared with others.  Children will be able to click on the’ assignment’ tab (on the left hand side) to view the assignments they have been set each day. They will be directed to different activities and resources. Where tuition is provided this will be pre-recorded and, therefore, accessible to be re-watched. This will support those families who have children in multiple year groups, who may need to rotate access to a home device.

If you do not have access to a device please contact me to discuss how we can support your child with their remote learning.

To see the work that is assigned to your child and when it is due, please choose the ‘Assignments’ icon in Microsoft Teams where your child can find the assignment information and submit their work when it is done. For activities that are not completed on a device eg art, model making, cooking etc, children can photograph their work and upload it. We have shown all children in years 1-6 how to use Microsoft Teams for the purpose of remote learning. Further guidance can be found at

We believe that it is important for children to have as much of a routine as is possible. Each day they should:

  • Undertake some physical activity
  • Practice reading/complete a reading task
  • Practice phonics/spelling/grammar/punctuation
  • Undertake some writing (this may be linked to their reading task or another subject)
  • Undertake a maths task
  • Complete a task related to the unit they are studying (eg art, science, history)

There will not always be 6 separate assignments each day as some of them may be linked. For example, children may be asked to write about something they are studying in history and apply the punctuation rules they have previously learnt. We will be tracking the work completed by your child. Your child will receive feedback from their teacher/s about their learning through the platform. If your child’s absence extends beyond a week we will arrange a weekly conversation for your child with their class teacher to discuss how they are getting on with their learning. If you or your child have questions about their learning you can use the ‘posts’ feature on the platform. Please note that teachers will only respond during normal school hours.  

It is important that you support your child to follow the key guidelines below to ensure their online safety:

  • to only use the internet when an adult is present
  • to only click on links and buttons when they know what they do
  • to keep their personal information and passwords safe online
  • to only send messages online which are polite and friendly
  • that the school can see what they are doing online at all times
  • If they see anything online that they shouldn’t or that makes them feel worried or upset then they will minimise the page and tell an adult straight away
  • that they can visit (include other appropriate links) to learn more about keeping safe online
  • to know that not everything or everyone online is honest or truthful
  • that they must not access or change other peoples files or information
  • that they can only change the settings on the computer if a teacher/technician has allowed them to
  • that people they meet online may not always be who they say they are. If someone online suggests meeting up, they must immediately talk to an adult
  • that If they are aware of anyone being unsafe with technology then they will report it to a teacher
  • that remote learning will only take place using Microsoft 365 Education and during usual school times.
  • that they will only use their school provided email accounts and/or login to access remote learning, that they will not share their login/password with others and they will not share any access links to remote learning sessions with others.
  • that when taking part in remote learning they will behave as they would in the classroom including wearing appropriate clothing and being in a suitable location. They will attend lessons in a shared/communal space or room with an open door and/or where possible when they can be supervised by a parent/carer or another appropriate adult.



If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with your child’s remote learning please contact the class teacher (via ) in the first instance.