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Welcome to Kingfisher Class.


Term 1 2021

The children have been learning about the ancient Maya civilisation and have found out that the Maya had over 150 different gods. Each god was for something they needed in their lives and they would make sacrifices to these gods in the hope they would get the things they needed. The children created their own gods and goddess in the style of the ancient Maya.

Term 4

This term we have been learning to skateboard in PE. Our confidence and skill has grown already in only two lessons and no one has any major injury yet! 


We have been studying the Ancient Egyptians and have created our own self portraits. We learnt about what they believed, about certain colours and what they represented. We used collage to build our pictures and add detail.   
We have learnt about the process of mummification and what happens to certain organs inside the body and how four of these organs were placed into specific jars called canopic jars. Traditionally the four heads of the jars represented the 4 sons of Horus 'God of Sky'. We chose a creature that was important to us to personalise our own canopic jars. We have been taught skills and techniques about clay modelling and this has enabled us to produce a higher quality canopic jar.
We have combined our science and DT knowledge this term to design and create a working torch. Our designs are personal to us and we have been through the critique process before reaching our final design. 

                                                                       Term 2

Survival is the theme and the children in Kingfisher class are learning skills that would enable them to survive if stranded on a desert island like Michael in Kensuke's Kingdom. So far they have learnt about first aid, that is both pet and human. 

Survival Days with Steve Clifford AKA Commando Stevelaugh


Day 1- 'One man's rubbish is another man's treasure!' That was the motto of the day as Kingfishers set out on their journey of survival. They started the day by creating solar cookers out of used Pringles cans that on a sunny day could get hot enough to cook a sausage. Next, the children learnt how to gut and fillet a fish and how to prepare it for cooking on a fire. Many of the children particularly enjoyed handling the fish after the guts had been removed!surprise The children gained excellent knowledge about the anatomy of a fish and were able to confidently recall key information. After that, the children had a go at starting a fire using flint and steel and a cotton pad. This was the basis of the class fire over which they cooked both fresh mackerel and sea bass.

Day 2- The children returned to school the following day with fresh clean faces ready to go out into the wild! The challenge today was to build a leaf shelter. Once the structure was complete and after a quick regroup, they went off in search of leaves. After numerous piles of leaves were carefully added to the shelter, the children had successfully built a working leaf shelter, their faces awash with mud!


                                                                       Term 1
The children have been exploring light in their science lessons.  The children have been demonstrating their scientific enquiry skills by asking lots of questions and experimenting. Here is one of the experiments, perhaps ask your child what is happening in the picture and see if they can explain. enlightened
The children will be making their own periscopes , so watch this space ...............
In Kingfisher class the children are learning to play the ukulele.