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Kingfisher Class

FLOURISH at home

Home learning is designed to sit alongside FLOURISH giving the children a choice of activity and how they wish to present their learning. We are always amazed at their wonderful pieces of work however elaborate or simple they are. What is even more amazing is the way the children present and share their their work with their peers. The confidence and the feeling of proudness they have answering questions and receiving praise.


Each term the children will choose one activity from the grid to complete.

Welcome to Kingfisher Class 23/24


Egyptian Day

Geography outdoors

Survival Days

Solar cookers

Preparing the fish

Making fire

Cooking fish

Leaf shelter building

Geography comparing continents. Can you guess which continents?


Kingfishers walk like Egyptians !!

Term 1 : PE Fitness circuits designed by us!

We have been studying the Ancient Egyptians and have created our own self portraits. We learnt about what they believed, about certain colours and what they represented. We used collage to build our pictures and add detail.   
We have learnt about the process of mummification and what happens to certain organs inside the body and how four of these organs were placed into specific jars called canopic jars. Traditionally the four heads of the jars represented the 4 sons of Horus 'God of Sky'. We chose a creature that was important to us to personalise our own canopic jars. We have been taught skills and techniques about clay modelling and this has enabled us to produce a higher quality canopic jar.