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Kookaburra Class

FLOURISat home.

Home learning is designed to sit alongside FLOURISH giving the children a choice of activity and how they wish to present their learning. We are always amazed at their wonderful pieces of work however elaborate or simple they are. What is even more amazing is the way the children present and share their their work with their peers. The confidence and the feeling of proudness they have answering questions and receiving praise.


Each term the children will choose one activity from the grid to complete.

            Welcome to Kookaburra Class. 

Welcome to a new school year 2023/24 and we welcome new children to our class.


Term 2: Could the Gruffalo live with all the other animals?

DT lift the flap.

Beware of the Gruffalo! Art masterclass, wow look at our sketches!

Scene setting and a visit to the woods. I wonder if they saw the Gruffalo?

Term 1: What makes me a toy expert?

We played snakes and ladders and then made and played our own. Our grown ups came in too to play!

Year 1 mathematicians. Wow can you see how brilliant they have been?

Exploring board games, designing and making then playing our own ones.

Literacy work inspired by the book Toys in Space

Today our favourite toys came to school.

Super Science school year 22/23

Marvellous maths

Map work around Preston

Look at our creativeness

Yayoi Kusama inspired plate workshop

Marvellous Maths in Reception

Autumnal Art

Pottery workshop- children painted plates inspired by their study of the artist Yayoi Kusama

School Year 2021- 2022


The children thoroughly enjoyed our new topic ‘Could a Gruffalo live with all the other animals?’

We learnt all about the author Julia Donaldson, as well as the illustrator Axel Scheffler.  The children were pleasantly surprised when they realised they had lots of their story books at home!

This topic provided the perfect opportunity to explore the use of adjectives, which the children did in many creative ways.  We enjoyed trips to the woods, lots of crafty creations, Wanted posters and character descriptions – to name just a few!

In DT, the children explored story books with moving parts.  We then created our own mechanisms based on key elements of the Gruffalo story.  There were hungry owls on springs, slithery snakes on sticks and sneaky foxes hiding behind flaps!

Our Art learning involved observational drawings of The Gruffalo.  We were fortunate enough to have a local artist visit us, who helped to develop the children’s use of shape, space, size and colour.  As always, the children used Critique to discuss and improve their finished piece with support from the grown-ups and their peers.

To finish a very busy term (in between Nativity practise!), the children explored the various animal groups in Science.  After lots of hands on learning, the children used their new Scientific knowledge to conclude that the Gruffalo must be a…. meat-eating Mammal!!


As part of this term’s topic ‘What Makes Me a Toy Expert?’ the children were very lucky to participate in an exciting toy workshop!  They enjoyed an assembly at the beginning of the day, where they were introduced to a variety of toys from the past.  We explored the material of the toys as well as the forces used to make them work.  The children then returned to the classroom where they designed and made their very own toys, from Egyptian Grinders to Victorian Horses and spinning tops. The children carefully handled hammers and wood glue to create their masterpieces!

The children have had lots of fun learning to play board games- particularly Snakes and Ladders!  The children have worked super hard to follow the rules and play fairly with their peers.  We also enjoyed learning about the history of snakes and ladders which linked to our PSHE topic- good choices and bad choices.  Finally, the children enjoyed designing and making their very own board game.  We verbally sequenced instructions for the children’s games  and then our Year 1 children went on to create some fabulous instructional writing!