Preston Primary School

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Kestrel Class

FLOURISH at home

Home learning is designed to sit alongside FLOURISH giving the children a choice of activity and how they wish to present their learning. We are always amazed at their wonderful pieces of work however elaborate or simple they are. What is even more amazing is the way the children present and share their their work with their peers. The confidence and the feeling of proudness they have answering questions and receiving praise.


Each term the children will choose one activity from the grid to complete.

Welcome to a new and exciting year in Kestrel class 2023/24


Music instruments

Science- exploring pitch


Maths- exploring division

Geography comparing continents

Literacy drama for our newspaper report writing

Geography- Map reading

Paintings in the style of Turner

Our brilliant finished bridges!

Bridge building parent workshop

Exploring cubed numbers in maths

Story Mountains

Geography & History: Outdoor learning, exploring villages before the industrialisation.

Our writing journey make element -scene setting.


States of Matter - science exploring