Preston Primary School

Learning together, we grow kind hearts and healthy minds




We aim to ensure that every child in our school has access to a broad and exciting curriculum, a range of extra curricula activities and a safe, supportive environment to thrive and grow both academically and also emotionally. This is regardless of gender, race or disability.


To ensure that all children at the school are given the opportunities to succeed and the tools to grow and thrive we recognise that some children will need extra support to achieve this. We also recognise that there will be children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds or are in care and it is our responsibility to ensure they given the chances and support to make good progress and develop socially, spiritually and emotionally.


To achieve all of this the school runs a number of different support programmes, employs specialist members of staff and ensures that all inclusion related activities begin in the classroom with highly effective and supportive teaching.  Hopefully the information on the website will help to answer most of the questions you may have but, if not, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Inclusion Leader

Mrs Douglas is the Inclusion Leader for the Federation and provides oversight and direction in this area.To contact Mrs Douglas please use the email below.  


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