Preston Primary School

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Virtual Tour 2020/21


The very best way to choose a school for your child is by visiting and getting a feel for the ethos and values. Due to COVID restrictions we are not able to do face to face visits so we have made a video to give prospective new parents an insight into our amazing school. The video highlights just a few of the wonderful things that happen at Preston Primary School.

Preston Primary School Tour 2020

Preston is a small village school with a PAN (pupil admission number- per year group) of 20. This means that we have mixed year group classes. Mixed year group classes does not mean that your child is at any disadvantage in fact we believe it works well and gives many children the opportunity to flourish and grow! What it does mean is that the children may have the same teacher  and be in the same class for two years. 


How are our classes split?

Each of our class sizes will be a maximum of 30. This means that we split the children when they are in Year 1 at Key Stage 1 and Year 4 at Key Stage 2. Therefore we have a Reception/Year 1 class (Kookaburra Class), Year 1/Year 2 class (Hummingbird Class), Year 3/Year 4 class (Penguin class), Year 4 /Year 5 (Kestrel Class) and Kingfisher class which is only Year 6.


How do we decide which children are in which class if we have to split them?

By choosing Preston you are choosing the fact that you child may remain in either the reception class( if they are Year 1) or the year 3 class (if they are Year 4). There is no set criteria that we use , it really does depend on the nature of the child and what we feel as professionals is best for them. We never say a child is being kept down, it simply means they are either a Year 1 or Year 4 child in that class. They are still taught the correct curriculum for their age, they are still challenged and encouraged to try their best. The work is differentiated appropriately in order for all children to reach their true potential. The support and nurture the children receive really does see them blossom whatever class they are in.


Will your child repeat the same work if they are in the same class again for another year?


We have a two year rolling programme with different topics and questions for the children to explore and learn. Teachers ensure there is good differentiation and a clear progression of skills and knowledge for the children year on year. Please click on the link to take you to the curriculum page where you can see some examples of our unit plans by scrolling down to our class names.



Our Curriculum

Please follow the link and take the time to read all about our fabulous curriculum that is focused on enquiry based learning. We have built this over the years and our children say it's fun, not boring, challenging, hard but achievable and most of all memorable. We provide autonomy for the children and allow them to decide how they want to show their learning. Lessons are practical and have purpose. We want all children to grow with us and flourish and when they leave in Year 6 they are ready for the next stage of their life. They are independent, sociable, confident , full of curiosity, have a love of learning and self belief.



We are unique and innovative and believe in all our children's abilities. Just have a look at their FLOURISH day achievements. Simply amazing. Follow the link and find out more.

Also look at the class pages at the children's FLOURISH worksmiley



Parents in Partnership

I strongly believe that if we work together that brings successes for the children. I am very approachable and am available to chat to you every morning on the gate. I will always inform you about any incident or concern and I will celebrate with you your child's wonderful achievements. I am very proud to be Head of School here at Preston and think the relationship between home and school is important and it is very much valued and appreciated.


Breakfast Club and Afterschool Provision

We provide breakfast club (Early Birds) from 8am to 8:30am every morning. The session will need to be pre- booked and paid for online via our parent pay facility. The cost is £2 per day. the children get toast and a drink.

We also provide afterschool care (OWLS) from 3:15pm to 5:30pm every day. The cost is £6 for the session (however long you use it for) The children receive a snack and there are lots of games and activities to keep them occupied. This also needs to be pre- booked and paid for online via our parent pay facility. Numbers are limited for OWLS to 20 children. 



We have a very active parent group called FOPS - Friends of Preston School who would under normal circumstances be planning wonderful events for the school community that raises much needed and appreciated funds for our school. We are lucky to have such a dedicated committed group of parents who give up their time to help. New parents are always welcomed smiley

It is such a difficult and important decision choosing a school for your child especially their first school. You want them to be happy and their experience to be a positive one. There are many great schools around the local area and I am sure you will have looked at them all and what they have to offer. If you wish to discuss anything further with me then please contact the school office 01227722235 or email via the contact form on the website. I will be happy to answer any questions or just to chat through things with you. 


Thank you for taking the time to consider our lovely school and I hope we have made you think about choosing us. wink  Preston truly is a brilliant school.


Kind regards


Mrs H Clements